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CBD Canna Crunch Granola

CBD Canna Crunch Granola

Miracle Nutritional Products
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The Miracle Nutritional Products CBD Canna Crunch Granola, 300mg is a fun and tasty snack you can eat at home, in the office, or on the hiking trail.

We can see it now. You lace up those hiking boots, strap on your handy dandy backpack, put on some bug spray, grab your hiking stick and hit the trail. Halfway through your journey you take a break, rip open a bag of our CBD Canna Crunch and snack away.

Our Canna Crunch is Gluten Free and Vegan-Friendly. It is also made with our very own high-quality CBD and contains less than 0.3% THC.

Order yourself a couple of bags today and explore away!

At Miracle Nutritional Products, we strive to deliver high-quality CBD products and provide transparency to you our valued customer. Our products are tested and certified by third-party labs for purity and accuracy of our CBD content

Storage & Handling Conditions: In order to preserve freshness, store in sealed containers away from light, heat and humidity. Temperatures not to exceed 85°F and less than 50% relative humidity.

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