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Integrate Your Site With Our Drop Ship Program Today.

It’s time to start your own CBD E-Commerce Store! Do you want to add CBD products to your website without having to invest in the overhead and inventory it would take to launch a new product line? Then the Miracle DropShip program is just what you need! Miracle CBD provides free plugin/applications built for Miracle DropShip Clients.

Miracle CBD Dropship is a breakthrough technology for the Cannabis (namely CBD) industry that now connects publishers and e-commerce platforms with direct access to sell hemp-based CBD products to its customer base. This Program gives you the ability to sell Miracle CBD products through your own website and we will dropship on your behalf. The Miracle Dropship plugin/application allows you to easily search and import the best CBD products for your audience to purchase.

Miracle Nutritional Products™ is one of the largest and most trusted CBD manufacturers in the world.

The Cannabis industry is just starting to explode, and it is only going to get bigger over the next few years. In fact, the New York Times predicts that the industry will hit $22.6 Billion by the year 2022!

Our products are made from the hemp plant. This means you will enjoy all of the benefits of CBD without the high, and it is legal to sell and consume in all 50 states!

We stand behind our products and its quality. Everything we produce is rigorously tested for its purity and quality. When we deliver our product, our customers are assured that they are receiving the highest quality CBD product they could ask for.

As an Miracle DropShip Partner, you can expect to deliver high quality and potent products to your customers. Our Miracle CBD product catalog is continuously growing and currently has over 80 CBD products which vary from oils, pills, edibles, beauty and skincare, pain relief, e-liquids to pet and equestrian products. You will find that the target audience for our products is vast and is only getting larger as more people are educated on the CBD industry.

How it Works:

  • Enroll in the Miracle DropShip Program
  • Integrate the WordPress® plugin with your website and select the products you want to promote and sell through your platform.
  • You will then be required to setup and maintain a deposit account for order fulfillment. We will send you instructions on how to do this.
  • Being a Miracle Dropship client, you will have special wholesale pricing for each product which is way below the suggested retail price.
  • On any order, the information is sent to us through this plugin so we can fulfill and ship the order directly to your customer.
  • We deduct the cost of the product plus shipping/handling charges from your account and ship your item to your customer.
  • Once your deposit account drops under to a certain level, we will recharge your account via ACH for replenishment.

Please Note: You must be enrolled into our program and have an active deposit account with us for any orders to be fulfilled. Failure to be enrolled or not having an active deposit account will result in your customers not receiving their products.